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CEO greetings

CEO 채원영

“The best distillery company” – Bohae distillery I sincerely thank you for visiting our homepage.
Only pursuing the management philosophy of making the best liquors for our consumers, we have overcome many difficulties and led the liquor markets since its foundation in 1950.
After spending time with the public for over 60 years, we were finally acknowledged for “the best distillery company” that represents the liquor markets.

The pride of the brand that represents Korea Bohae distillery struggled to make the best liquors with ungrudging investments and product developments since its foundation, and released saccharine-free Soju and premium Soju, resulting in leading the liquor markets as well as opening up the new market for Matchsoon, Bohae Bokbunjajoo, etc. Also, we accomplished to be chosen as the feast liquor for the International Summit.

Devote as a mature company fulfilling social responsibilities and repaying customers’ love and support. As the catch-phrase “Responsible drinking culture”, we will not only ensure the product’s excellency but also lead the change to drinking culture and meet customers’ drinking satisfaction, and thus become more mature company along with the public.
All employees of the Bohae distillery will become a company that repays our customers’ love and support with all our hearts and fulfill social responsibilities. Also, we will constantly make an effort for the quality innovation and customer satisfaction.
I send my gratitude to all who believed in us and supported us, and I ask for your constant care and encouragement to the future of Bohae distillery.

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